Your study of Isaiah Made Easier In The Bible and The Book of Mormon, 2nd Edition, David J Ridges

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Isaiah's teachings and literary symbolism come alive through this master teacher's careful explanations and comments. Never before has every verse of Isaiah been clarified in such a way and made easy to understand. Noted scholar David J. Ridges has spent 35 years teaching the scriptures and researching the material in this book.

Noted gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings alive Isaiah's symbolism and literary imagery in Isaiah Made Easier, turning this often misunderstood book of scripture into a gold mine of truth. Hundreds of crisp, clear explanations make Isaiah more readable than ever. Every chapter of Isaiah in both The Bible and The Book of Mormon is analyzed. Notes within each verse give you instant understanding of Isaiah's words.

This unique format allows you to quickly comprehend Isaiah's cultural environment and mindset, making obscure phrases and names easily understood. The in-the-verse notes can then be written in the margins of your own scriptures for future reference.

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