Sacred Covenants: Our Agreement with God to be Exalted byJeffery A. Hogge

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We are eternal beings with the mortal opportunity to agree with God to be exalted—to be like Him and live the life He lives. By making and keeping sacred covenants and relying on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we accept God’s invitation to be exalted and put ourselves on the path to eternal life.

In this book, Jeffery Hogge draws on his decades of legal experience to describe how we make and keep covenants and how our covenant relationship with God may exalt us.  He emphasizes and explains the legal aspects of the Plan of Salvation—agency, accountability, atonement, justice, mercy, restoration, and many other important principles—all of which are essential to knowing our standing with God, our potential to be like Him, and our path to becoming like Him.

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