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Age: 7 years and up Players: 2 to 4 players Time: 20 to 80 min Theme: Strategy, reflection, diplomacy
Welcome to South America! We are in Yucatán around 50 BC. Cities, emerging from the jungle, are prey to the Gadianton robbers. Through this strategy game, you will embody one of these thieves whose goal is to steal crowns in the city and return with them in the rainforest.
But watch out: both the city guards and your fellow robbers will try to stop you! Fights, arrow shots and action cards will animate the game... GAME PLAY Gadianton is a board game.
To win, you have to be the first to bring back all your stolen crowns in the lush forest surrounding the city. By choosing the number of crowns, you control the duration of the game.
Players move their thief figure and depending on the result of the dice, one of the city guards during the same turn. They can attack in hand-to-hand combat or by shooting an arrow to prevent another thief from fleeing with his crown and taking the advantage.
Action cards spice up the game: break your opponent's bow to prevent him from shooting at you!
A bit of strategic thinking, surprises, dynamism and a lot of interactions between players for a successful game and good moments shared by up to 4 players.
An instruction booklet in English /French / German is included in the box. It can also be downloaded in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. However, the action cards have no text on them: the illustration is clear enough, so language will not be a problem when playing. And kids can play even if they can’t read yet.
Shipping in early August 2021 - get your copy reserved! 

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