Ministering Interview Notebook for Elders Quorum Presidencies

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This unique Ministering notebook is split into three sections;

1. Ministering Companionship and assignments 
2. Ministering Interview Schedule 
3. Ministering Interview Notes 

Use the Companionship Section to keep track of assignments.

When you use the Scheduling Section, don’t try to do all the interviews in one week at the end of the quarter, do a few every week, split them up between the whole presidency. If a counselor is conducting the Ministering interview remember that the person being interviewed should only share confidential information with the Elder’s quorum or Relief Society president—or directly with the Bishop.

Use the Interview Notes Section to remember the important and sacred things discussed in your Ministering Interview and keep track of what needs to be done. Use this information to council with your Bishop and Relief Society President about the welfare of each family so that no one’s needs are left unmet.

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