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Looking for a FUN and exciting way to understand Gospel Principles...

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This new book by James D. Holt is a wonderful new view on the Gospel Lessons that we can learn from some of the worlds most famous 'Heroes', perfect for youth and YSA as well as anyone who has a little inner geek! 

"In this booklet I am going to talk about what I have learned from some of my heroes in the world of fantasy. Some may not be your heroes, but their stories and what you can learn from them are for you to discover. Please remember that my responses to these stories and the things that I learn from them are probably not what the author intended but that doesn’t matter. They have helped me understand some Gospel principles and that is what I am going to share. The heroes we will learn from are Superman, the Black Panther (and Shuri), Elphaba, and Samwise Gamgee."

Great as a gift for your youth or YSA group - perfect ministering gift. 

52 page A5 perfect bound booklet. 


Rebecca waring
04-04-2021 19:26
My 10 year old loves this book! Its so engaging for older children, especially those who love super heros! Really recommended!
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