Gethsemane, Golgatha, and the Garden Tomb: The Sacrifice of the Exalted Son of God by Ed J. Pinegar

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The Atonement goes far beyond cleansing our sins. But the true depth and application of this miracle is often overlooked or simply not understood. In this insightful book, renowned gospel teacher and scholar Ed J. Pinegar helps readers discover

  • How to apply the Atonement to our minds and hearts daily
  • What gratitude does for our relationship with the Savior
  • How our intentions change with our understanding of what the Atonement covers

The Savior died for each of us, but we must understand how that impacts each aspect of our lives to truly appreciate Christ’s atoning sacrifice. This book will broaden your understanding of His greatest gift, allowing you to feel increased love not only from the Savior but for Him as well.

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