Faith Is Not Blind Paperback

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We often encounter unexpected questions and complexities that can challenge our faith. Faith Is Not Blind offers fresh concepts and tools that will help readers learn from these experiences, rather than feeling disillusioned by them.

Award-winning authors Bruce and Marie Hafen draw upon a lifetime of experience in Church service, college teaching, and parenthood to help readers embrace both the spiritual and the intellectual aspects of the gospel. Their approachable tone and real-life examples acknowledge complicated gospel issues, yet clearly and gently guide readers through the steps necessary to work through complexity, develop informed testimonies, and become filled with the faith that comes from knowing God.


"A profoundly important book. Spiritually uplifting and intellectually rigorous. Every young Latter-day Saint should read this." —Hal B., ages 31, Boston, MA

"Elder and Sister Hafen's book helped me understand that what appears to be a minefield of unanswered questions is, in reality, just an unfamiliar path to more knowledge. Instead of running away from uncertainties, we can embrace the challenge of gaining our own testimonies." —Heidi P., ages 22, Laie, HI

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