We Believe Flashcards and Games

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Includes colorful flash cards and four fun family games designed by Jennette Guymon-King, the illustrator of the best-selling Primary Partners® series. Each of the 13 Articles of Faith is divided into at least four flash cards. Children can use the cards to isolate parts of the Article of Faith they are working on—and can be reminded of key words and concepts with a quick glance. In “Articles of Faith concentration,” children take turns turning over two cards to make a match. “Articles of Faith Speed Spoons” is a fast-paced game where players quickly identify an Article of Faith card drawn randomly from the deck. In “Beat the Clock Articles of Faith,” players try to beat their record for putting each Article of Faith card in the correct order. And in “Articles of Faith Wild Card,” players race each other to organize cards from all 13 Articles of Faith in the correct order. Great for family home evenings and Primary classes, too!

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