London Temple Magnet

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Looking for a great nudge to remind you and your family to go to the temple? A Temple Magnet is the perfect hint. Afterall, the average person opens their refrigerator 10-15 times a day! That's a lot of daily reminders. So, go ahead, grab a bite to eat and fill up. Then go to the temple and fill up spiritually. Thank you Temple Magnets.

Have kids in school? On missions? At college? Great for lockers and apartments too!

Strong neodymium magnets are attached to the flat back of the temple facade and can hold up to 5-8 temple names at a time or 5-8 pieces of nursery art projects from your favorite child.

The size of each temple varies between 1-3 inches in length or height. There's room on your fridge for ALL of your favorite temples magnets!

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