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Between Gethsemane and the empty Garden Tomb stands the Savior's sacrifice on the cross. In this in—depth study of Christ's gift from Golgotha, author John Hilton III provides insight to help us in our quest to "attain a perfect knowledge of [Christ]" and come closer to Him (Jacob 4:12). This book explores questions like "How can studying Christ's Crucifixion increase our appreciation for his Atonement?", "Why do some Church members avoid the cross—because of Church doctrine or cultural practice?" and "How can the Savior's atoning sacrifice help us find relief from pain and suffering?" By providing answers to these and many other questions, Hilton guides readers to see Calvary in new and powerful ways.

Through scriptures, quotes, and stories, Considering the Cross shows that prophets, both ancient and modern, have taught that the Savior's Crucifixion is a central part of our redemption from sin. What the cross means for Christians in general and Latter-day Saints in particular has sometimes varied, but one meaning is constant—Christ was crucified for the sins of the world because of His love for us. Jesus is both the living Christ and, as manifested through His death, the loving Christ.

Above all, this book is about finding increasing peace and happiness by coming closer to Him. More deeply considering Christ's sacrifice on Calvary can help us better understand the Savior's perfect love for us. Jesus bore our burdens so He can lighten our loads. He experienced pain so He can offer us peace, and He suffered for our sins so we could be free to follow and become like Him.

“This study of the cross in the restored gospel is a must-read!”

—Robert L. Millet, best-selling author and former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University

“This book truly deepened my love for and appreciation of the Savior.”

—Virginia Pearce Cowley, author of the best-selling book A Heart Like His and former First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency

“This groundbreaking book shows us the unflinching devotion of the Father and the Son—a picture of what love truly looks like.”

—David Butler, best-selling author and co—host of YouTube scripture study channel Don’t Miss This