Book of Mormon Study Guide (NEW 2020) – for Kids and Youth

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Help your children have impactful and personal scripture study with this Book of Mormon study guide.  For ages 7 to young teens, and even many older teens would love this!

Each week your children can study the same scriptures that mom and dad are studying in Come, Follow Me, and with the helps of story maps, trivia, and other learning activities, they can understand what is happening and record what they are learning.

Every week there are four study pages.  The first page always has a place to record something from each chapter and a little icon they can color in as they finish their reading.  The other three pages are specific to those chapters and will help them  either understand the storyline or learn a specific doctrine or principle.

Other highlights are:

  • A Plan of Salvation outline in the front that they can write notes on as they learn about each part of the Plan.
  • Places for mom, dad, or another person to write them letters about a specific doctrine or principle.
  • Color story maps to understand what is happening in specific stories.
  • Trivia activities.
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