Be Not Troubled by Ronald A. Rasband

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***ARRIVING IN STORE - 16th December 2020***


The Apostle Paul foretold that we in the latter days would live in "perilous times" (2 Timothy 3:1). Yet the Saviour instructed His followers in this dispensation to "doubt not, feat not" (D&C 6:36). How do we move forward in faith and focus on the good when rage, calamity, and commotion swirl around us?

We know from scripture and the words of modern-day prophets that these latter days are a time of great turmoil—but also a time of great miracles. In this timely book, Elder Ronald A. Rasband shares a beautiful message of hope and light, reminding us what we can do to fortify ourselves and receive heavenly guidance. As Elder Rasband teaches, "By divine design, we have been called to the Lord's service leading up to His Second Coming." His apostolic counsel helps us recognize the ways the Lord guides us through the troubled times in our lives to build a greater sense of hope and peace with our foundation fixed on Christ, that ultimately we might accept the Saviour's invitation: "Be not troubled" (D&C 45:35).