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Your baptism is a special event—invite your friends and family to be there. Included: 12 invitations, bonus test invitation, and 12 envelopes.

Downloadable Template ADULT:
For PC: Go to The PDF will open automatically with fields to type in.
For Mac: Go to Click on the download button in the top right corner. Open the downloaded pdf and fill in the fields.


  1. Enter the information about who's being baptized and when. Double-check all information before printing.
  2. Set your document to the correct paper size (5" x 7") and select "Fit." Check your printer manual or print a test page to determine which side of the paper to place right-side up in the printer. Place the test invitation in the printer so that it will print on the correct side and print a test page.
  3. While this PDF should work on the majority of home computers and printers, if you would like to customize your invitations further, use your preferred word processing program and adjust margin, paper, or font sizes as desired. Print the rest of the invitations.