As A Child of God by Janice Kapp Perry (Music CD)

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I love children's music! There we find the gospel — simple and direct. The Primary songs teach everything we want our children to know and there is no more appealing way to repeat these truths over and over again than by singing about them. There is a certain magic in music that helps children learn and remember important gospel concepts forever, and they will be able to draw on these memories throughout their lives. If it is in their minds it can come forth later when they need to be strengthened, comforted, directed or inspired. When we combine a simple gospel truth with an appealing melody it is one of the greatest teachers we can have in our homes. Some of the songs on this new album were assignments from church leaders, some have been published in church magazines, and some have been written in support of Primary programs. Others just seemed to be important subjects for children to learn and sing about. This new collection of children's songs will bring the gospel to life musically for children and their families. — Janice Kapp Perry

Includes Vocal CD, Instrumental CD, and PDF Songbook

Song Titles:

  • As a Child of God
  • I Will Choose the Right
  • I Will Say a Prayer
  • I Will Stay on the Path
  • I Am Building An Eternal Family
  • I Want to Be a Light
  • Jesus Made This Beautiful World
  • I'm Learning the Ways of Jesus
  • As Children We Sing
  • My Body Is An Earthly Temple
  • God's Plan of Happiness
  • The Creation
  • I Know Jesus Loves Me
  • I'm So Glad to Have a Body
  • My Pathway Will Lead to the Temple
  • When I Read the Book of Mormon
  • Two Thousand Stripling Warriors
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