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Stories are told around the world of persons who have received help or comfort from someone they couldn't see—an angel or spirit who guided them or in some other way gave them assistance from beyond the veil.

But just who are these angels? Are they even real?

Although angels are a vital part of Latter-day Saint history and doctrine, their roles and purposes are often misunderstood. In this inspiring volume, author Donald W. Parry discusses in a clear and understandable way what we can learn from the scriptures and from modern prophets and apostles about angels and their missions.

Here you will find answers to such questions as the following:

  • What are angels?
  • What powers and abilities are angels given?
  • How do angels communicate with mortals?
  • What are the assigned missions and roles of angels?
  • How do angels reveal truth and teach the doctrines of the gospel?
  • How do angels minister to and comfort mortals?
  • What is the role of guardian angels in the modern world?


When just the thought of someone watching out for us can give us hope in challenging times, to realize that angels minister light, love, and power to us, whether we are aware of them or not, gives us unparalleled understanding, comfort, and peace.

"Fascinating! The most comprehensive treatment of angels I've ever seen—carefully researched and beautifully written."
—John Bytheway

"Faith-promoting ... a veritable treasure trove. This is a book that I will refer to often not only in my teaching but also personally when I need comfort and inspiration."
—Brent L. Top

"Never before has anyone produced such a complete and well-documented volume on the ministering of angels."
—Brad Wilcox