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And I Will Make Thee Whole- Helping families with mental health concerns.

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Product description

Author:  C. Max Caldwell, Jane P. Merrill & Emma Lou Thayne

And I Will Make Thee Whole: Helping Families with Mental Health Concerns 

Contributions from C. Max Caldwell, Dr. Jane P. Merrill, & Emma Lou Thayne.

And I Will Make Thee Whole tells us that mental illness can strike anyone. It addresses the stigma that mental illness is due to sin or character weakness. This book erases the blame and shame that has existed for decades surrounding mental illness. The good news is that mental illness is biological it is a disease, it is treatable, and most of the time, treatment works. Mental illness can affect us regardless of our status. Many thanks to the authors for bringing these stories of real life, real illness, to all of us. There is nothing quite so comforting as to know that we are not alone and we are not to blame.

Product Details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Print: Black & White
  • Size: 6x9
  • Page Count: 150
  • ISBN: 9781555177829

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