An Eight-Cow Woman Deserves and Eight-Cow Man

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You've probably heard the story of Johnny Lingo, a South Seas trader who offered an unprecedented eight cows to secure a wife — a woman whom everyone thought was homely and undesirable but turned out to be a beautiful, happy woman.

You may have appreciated the messages portrayed by the local movie versions of the story about kindness to others, self-worth and measuring people by material goods.

Authors Tracy Lyn Cutler, Kurt Dowdle and Ty B. Erickson looked at the story of Johnny Lingo and realized it has even more to say: It's all very well and good to be an eight-cow woman, but you deserve an eight-cow man, and vice versa.

Relationships that are meaningful and lasting work both ways, they say, so they explore the topic in a book by that name: "An Eight-Cow Woman Deserves an Eight-Cow Man: Eight Critical Character Traits For a Fulfilling, Lasting Relationship"