Adventus, 25 days, 25 names and 25 ways to come closer to Christ (a Christmas Study Guide)

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Christmas should be all about Christ, yet we spend so much time busy and wrapped
up in the festivities. This year make a change, and really experience Advent.

During this advent we can focus on the names and character of Jesus, preparing our hearts, mind and soul to make room for Him in the celebrations.

When Christmas arrives may we rejoice and say

“O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!”

Let us ponder the wonder and glory of our Saviour.


60 page A5 booklet with daily study, questions to ponder and challenges - but quick and simple, just 5 mins each day. It also better for the waistline than a chocolate advent calendar ;D 

These would make a great ministering gift. 

Arriving in store 18th November 2020. 


Caroline Granahan
04-12-2020 12:27
My copy was delayed in the post to Ireland so only received it yesterday and I love this book already. It explains the tradition of advent, it gives an insight into the themes for the 4 weeks of Advent - Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. It also shares a scripture for each of these topics. Then there is one reading assignment per day based on one of the names of our Saviour and a challenge for you to do to become more like Chrst each day. I just read the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of Dec and had to stop myself reading ahead. The readings have enhanced my understanding of some of the Saviour's titles and brought to remembrance some that I already knew but had kinda forgotten. I am so looking forward to reading this each day and trying to be more like Him in my interaction with people. Really lovely book that will be treasured and reread in the years ahead. It will contribute to a Happy Christmas for my husband and I ❤
Rebecca Waring
03-12-2020 12:52
Beautiful, my family are so enjoying going through this book each day.
It's helping us refocus on christ during the run up to Christmas.
5 stars based on 2 reviews