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1820- Drawing of the Restoration, Bennett

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This volume examines the "four cornerstones" of the early nineteenth century, the time of the gospel's Restoration: revolution and reform, Romanticism, emancipation and religious revivalism. To illustrate the significance of these cornerstones, the book focuses on remarkable figures in each of these movements, including Napoléon Bonaparte, Alexander von Humboldt, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Charles Wesley. The author weaves together the biographies of these extraordinary people in order to give readers a glimpse into the spirit of the age. This was a time that fostered new revolutions in politics, economics, the arts, science, and religion. Readers will gain greater insight into the exciting and dynamic era of 1820. Such an awareness of the Restoration's place in history can encourage a deeper sense of appreciation among Church members for the Restoration of Christ's Church on the earth.

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